The geographer spoke about Zangezur 2021-03-15 15:39:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Doctor of Philosophy in Geography, Associate Professor Mirnukh Ismayilov, head of the Department of Landscape Research and Landscape Planning, Institute of Geography of ANAS, took part in a video reportage on the Space TV channel.

In the program about the attempts of Armenians to create a false geography, "geographical genocide", it is said that Armenian geographers claim that there is no mountain range of the Lesser Caucasus in these regions, there is an "Armenian Highland", that is, the Armenian mountain range, and the region called the Lesser Caucasus, generally refers to the Armenian mountain range, including the Zangezur mountain range.

The scientist noted that the territory that the Armenians call Syunik is in fact the Zangezur region of Azerbaijan, which covers the districts of Gafan, Gorus, Garakilsa (Sisian) and Mehri in the territory of modern Armenia. The location and names of the rivers in this region once again confirm the belonging of these places to Azerbaijan. The meaning of the word “Sünik”is also associated with the name of the Turkic-speaking tribe

Ismayilov believes that they used Internet resources to falsify historical documents and disseminate this information and tried to do it very convincingly, so that ordinary people could believe in this falsification. "The Armenian lies must be suppressed, maps drawn in different languages and reflecting the names of the area must be published and disseminated."

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