Landscape and landscape planning 


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Head of section:

Ph.D., doc,  Mirnuh Cavad oghlu  Ismayilov 

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Main directions of activity:

Study of regularities of formation, development and differentiation of natural landscapes on an example of East Caucasus within the Alps-Himalaya zone.

Studying of communications of natural landscape complexes with a relief and neotectonics by landscape-geomorphological and remote sensing methods. Revealing of laws of change of modern landscapes as a result of anthropogenous loadings, their landscape-geophysical and landscape-geochemical features; landscape-ecological and ecogeomorphological risks and dangers for natural complexes; a landscape-ecological estimation of natural-anthropogenous complexes; landscape planning.

Main Scientific Results:

Regularities of influence of neotectonic movements and relief on formation of modern landscapes and dynamics of their development have been defined.

The role of Caucasian and anti- Caucasian directions of morphotectonic steps limited by tectonic fractures in formation of types and subtypes of a landscape was revealed, their paleogeographical stages and regularities of development were studied.

The role of mud volcanoes in morphological differentiation of landscapes was defined.

The role of natural-anthropogenous factors in formation of landscapes, their influence on the increase in frequency of natural-destructive phenomena was revealed (mud flows, landslips etc.), the increase of landscape-ecological risk, potential sizes of damage were established.

On the basis of materials of remote sensing of space pictures the landscape-ecological estimation of geocomplexes was carried out and certain conclusions were received.

By results of complex landscape researches the processes of desertification, feature of their regional distribution have been studied, the forecast of possible development of this dangerous phenomenon for the next 15-20 years was developed.

On the basis of the etalon-indication decryption of space pictures the exodynamic conditions of intensity (morphotectonic, morphometric, exodynamic) of developments of mountain geosystems were estimated, sharp activation of exodynamic processes was revealed.

The assessment of degree of intensity and the risk, reflecting modern landscape-geomorphological ecodynamic condition of mountain geosystems was carried out. Corresponding landscape-ecological and ecogeomorphological maps have been prepared.

For the first time in Azerbaijan the eco-geochemical division into districts of landscapes has been done. The landscape-geochemical maps (M 1:500 000) displaying level of pollution by toxic salts and heavy metals were compiled. Correlation connection between degree of concentration of biologically active elements (Hg, Pb, Zn, As, Ci, Nn, Sc, Ag, B, etc.) and some diseases of people (a cancer, rickets, gout, an anemia, a craw, etc.) have been revealed.