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Head of section:

PhD in agriculture Aliyev Anver Abbas oghlu

Total number of employees:


Main scientific directions:

To determine the scientific basis of the causes and consequences of natural and man-made transformations in the territory of Azerbaijan Republic. To prepare the scientific basis of impact features of these changes on human health; to prepare scientific basis for its effective use and a plan of preventive measures accordingly relief features of the republic; to compile large-scale maps on the basis of the results, etc.  

Main scientific results:

The ecological conditions of the landscape of the northeastern slope of the Major Caucasus and separate degree of influence, to which they are exposed, have been revealed; directions of their changes under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors have been studied. The scientific base of ways was developed to eliminate environmental problems as a result of the implementation of the infrastructure projects undertaken in recent years on the territory. Areas of natural changes, to which are most susceptible low and medium mountains were identified. For the first time, the area of the mass of some landslides was calculated here. Also, features of modern natural and anthropogenic influences were identified for landscape components in the mountain-meadow zone. For the first time the relevant scientific proposals were prepared for ground phytomass in the local geosystems, and the conditions of its initiation to bio-circulation and further optimization.

A large-scale map (1: 200000 in 3D) of surface type, slope inclination. Now, due to the problems of environmental geographic geosystems of north-eastern slope of the Major Caucasus, researches are conducting on the characteristics of impact on the natural and geographical environment of waste from alunite deposits in the village Zaylik and gold in Gadabay district. During the reporting period, in connection with the 70th anniversary of the Institute, the the department prepared the relevant sections of the three-volume “Geography of the Republic of Azerbaijan”, the two-volume “Geography of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

The project work successfully completed in 2013, which won the main competition of Science Development Fund under the President of Azerbaijan on the topic: “Features of the impact of transport intensity  on the biosphere at the highway Baku-Guba and the border with Russia (M-1), (EIF-2013-9 (16)”.