Monitoring of the Caspian Sea 


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Head of department:

Correspondent-member of ANAS, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Rauf  Haji oghlu Gardashov

Total number of employees:


Main activity directions:

On the basis of the measurement data from the satellite and on the ground, monitoring of the Caspian Sea hydro-physical fields (temperature, surface currents, wind and waves), oil pollution, the dynamics of the coastline, color of sea water.

Main scientific achievements:

Application  of “Point method of specular reflection” to solve the problem of reflection of solar and laser lights from sea surface; to create a method of remote sensing, defining characteristics of wind and waves according to the statistical characteristics of sunlight; develop a method for accurately determining the location of solar shine over the ocean during the observation from geostationary orbit; develop a method for precise determination of morphometric characteristics of geographical objects (coastline, islands, lakes) on the basis of satellite imagery and preparation of programs package for its implementation; develop a method for determining from satellite images the characteristics of oil slicks. Development of methods of marine diffusion experiments with instantaneous and continuous source of impurity. An investigation of the interaction “sea-atmosphere” from fixed depth platform. Observation of surface water temperature on the basis of an artificial Earth satellite data. Investigation of oil slicks dynamics on the surface of the Caspian Sea. Studying of the diffusion of impurities on the surface of the Caspian Sea and parameterization according to the wind.