Since October 1, 2021, in accordance with the new structure of the Institute of Geography, activities in the field of international relations were assigned to the "Public Relations" department and, accordingly, were called the "Department of International and Public Relations".

  • In accordance with the scientific directions of the institute, the main goal of the department is to establish, expand and develop relations with the relevant organizations of foreign countries.
  • Participation and responsibilities of the department in the implementation of the following principles of cooperation in the field of scientific research:
  • Receipt and dissemination of international information;
  • Ensuring the participation of scientists and researchers in foreign programs and exchange internships;
  • Exchange of employees of the institute, their participation in various conferences and symposiums;
  • Joint publishing activities of scientists and specialists with foreign colleagues;
  • Cooperation with foreign partners to attract foreign experts to joint scientific research.
  • In order to expand international activities of the Institute, the department searches for new suitable enterprises, prepares relevant proposals and documents for establishing cooperation relations between them, draws up and signs a memorandum as a final document;
  • Prepares the final report of the department at the end of the year.