"A flag worthy of a kick - or ..." 2021-03-13 15:48:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

The website azpolitika.info has published an article about Karabakh by a leading researcher at the Institute of Geography named after Acad. H.A. Aliyev, PhD in Geology and Mineralogy Rashid Fataliyev.

In the article "A flag worthy of a kick - or another example of Armenian fraud", the author notes that the Armenians resorted to all sorts of ugly deeds to achieve their goals, continuing to steal and appropriate material and cultural artifacts belonging to us and other neighbors.

The reason for the author's irritation is that the zigzag element in the so-called flag of the so-called state was described by the Armenians as “patterns of traditional Armenian carpets”.

Recalling that our soldier kicked the lowered "flag" of the Armenians, raising our flag in the liberated Sugovushan, R. Fataliyev noted that we all enjoyed his actions against the hated enemy, calling the flag kicked by the Azerbaijani soldier a worthless piece of cloth. He said: “Another obvious example of the Armenian character is the Armenian forgery! What Armenian traditions and patterns can we talk about in carpet weaving? “How true is it to call “folk tradition”5-10 carpets woven by Haykanush and Siranush?” Stressing that the Armenians have a special "talent" for stealing and appropriating the material and cultural heritage of neighboring peoples, the scientist added that it is our duty to prevent such insidious plans and disclose their actions to the world community, using the capabilities of science, the media and international law.

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