Hydrologist took part in the conference on water resources 2021-02-04 01:33:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Leading Researcher of the department of Hydrology and Water Resources, Institute of Geography, Ph.D. Ziyafat Agayev took part in the videoconference of the working group created to integrate information on water resources into the information system "Electronic water resources management" in accordance with the "Action Plan for 2020-2022 to ensure the effective use of water resources."

Speaking at the event as part of the working group, Z. Agayev noted that the water problem has become a global problem beyond national borders, the problem of the country's water resources has become aggravated in recent decades due to natural and anthropogenic factors, and urgent measures are needed to eliminate the problem.

The scientist said that the formation of two-thirds of our already scarce water resources due to transboundary rivers, as well as regional manifestations of global climate change, a sharp increase in water consumption has exacerbated this problem. This seriously affected the regime of water bodies in the country, deteriorating water supply, complicating the formation and use of water resources.

Taking all this into account, the CI employee emphasized the importance of reassessment of water resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan and their inventory through modeling.