Geographe- scientist spoke about Kelbajar on television 2021-01-14 13:12:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Head of the Department of the Institute of Geography. acad. H. Aliyev of ANAS, PhD,  Associate Professor Mirnukh Ismailov was a guest of the "Bridge" program dedicated to Kelbajar on the TV channel “Medeniyyet” ("Culture").

He said that the territory of Kelbajar in Azerbaijan is one of the regions most studied by geographers, Ismayilov noted that Kelbajar occupies a special place in the nature of Azerbaijan, distinguished by its beauty, richness of underground and surface resources. According to him, there are historical and cultural monuments, deposits of gold, mercury, 350 colored mineral stones, a large amount of mineral and thermal waters, flora and fauna, rare trees, medicinal plants, etc. which have always attracted attention.

The scientist emphasized that he is engaged in ancient human settlements and the problems of their geographical distribution and drew attention to the fact that the Kalbajar region is geologically known for its volcanism. He said that, interesting landforms arose here as a result of volcanoes of different composition. As a result of lava flows, many different types of caves were formed, which, in turn, played the role of a haven for settlements of ancient people. The ancient written monuments of Kelbajar once again prove the presence of human settlements here.  

At the end of his speech, the scientist expressed confidence in the brilliant future of Kelbajar and that it will play an important role in strengthening our economy and the all-round development of Azerbaijan. 

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