The Pirsaat water reservoir must be cleaned of silt 2020-10-05 15:31:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Deputy Director for Science at the Institute of Geography, associate professor Maharram Hasanov was on a business trip to Hajigabul to study the Pirsaat reservoir.

The purpose of the visit was to study the lack of water and the state of reservoirs in the country in accordance with the "Action Plan for 2020-2022 to ensure the efficient use of water resources" by President Ilham Aliyev. The expert said that the reservoir, located in the Pirsaatchay gorge, was created in 1964. Its water irrigates the fields of the villages of Gubali Baloglan, Ranjbar, Navai, Gyzylburun and Atbulag. The total volume of the reservoir under the project is 16.9 million m3, but currently about 70-75% of the field is silt, so only 3-4 million m3 of water can be stored in the reservoir, which is not enough for agriculture. The water in the reservoir is subject to strong evaporation, which increases the amount of water lost. The scientist proposed to implement a number of comprehensive measures to clean up the reservoir from silt and sand accumulated over many years and restore the depths (water volume) provided for by the project.

It is necessary to use special pumps for cleaning the bottom of the reservoir from sand and silt, construction of 2 (two) small reservoirs in the river bed a few hundred meters above the river entrance, to purify water from silt, plants and reeds in the upper part of the reservoir

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