Scientific meetings online 2020-04-22 02:12:00 / SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLIES

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the Institute of Geography conducts a scientific workshop online.

The Director of the Institute, academician Ramiz Mammadov, shared with the meeting participants the latest news about the situation in the country in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, and also informed about the activities of the employees in conditions of social isolation. They conduct remote research work in accordance with the approved plan, work on articles, speak to the media on pressing environmental issues, and give interviews.

Acad. Ramiz Mammadov especially noted the activity of senior researcher at department of Geoinformatics and Cartography –Yashar Nasibov, of researcher at the department of Problems of the Caspian sea level PhD Elnur Safarov, as well as a researcher at Samsung University in Turkey, Fatih Ojag, collaborating in the framework of this project, who developed the application “Azerbaijan Real-Time monitoring system Covid 19”.

He emphasized the great responsibility of the Deputy Director for Science, docent Maharram Hasanov, which he manifests in his work on the release of the 3rd volume of the book “Geography and Ethnos of the Turkic world”. He also spoke about remotely organized classes successfully conducted with graduate students.

A leading researcher at the Department of Paleogeography, PhD in geology and mineralogy Rashid Fataliyev made a report on the topic: “A study of the possibility of a connection between the geography of the coronavirus pandemic and the diet of the world’s population. He conducted a comparative analysis of WHO statistics for selected countries on the geography of spread and infectivity of the COVID-19 virus. Having studied and compared climatic conditions, agriculture and, in particular, the production and consumption of food products of countries, he revealed a connection between these links. It became obvious that the countries of Southeast Asia are less susceptible to infection due to the high consumption of food rich in B vitamins, PP, E and trace elements contained in rice. The scientist drew attention to the need for a detailed study by scientists of this fact.

Yashar Nasibov spoke in detail about the use of the COVID-19 monitoring system in real time.

Khanym Rzazade informed about the initiative of the institute to carry out the Clean Hands campaign. The scientists of BSU and ASPU joined this action. She expressed gratitude to the geographers continuing this relay race. Kh. Rzazade also reported on the activities of the PR department with the media.

The director of the Institute of Geography, academician R.Mammadov, praised the work of the institute’s staff under quarantine and expressed hope that the population will soon get rid of the trouble caused by the coronavirus, and further scientific meeting will be held within the institute.