Development of new solar panel control method 2020-02-19 17:37:00 / SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLIES

At a scientific workshop of the IG, D.Sc. in phys.-math Rauf Gardashov, the head of the monitoring department of the Caspian Sea, made a report on the theme “Determining the daily optimal direction of the solar panel”.

The scientist introduced the mathematical model of the new method, which determines the optimal direction of the solar panel he developed, noting that it allows you to produce up to 7% more energy per year compared to the “Optimal annual” option commonly used in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The computer program made on the model provides azimuth and zenith angles for each selected geographical point every day.

The model can find effective application for energy supply in private yards of mountain regions, and especially in tourist facilities.

It should be noted that the report on the proposed model by Gardashov was published in March 2019 in impact-factor journal “RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS” , category 11.239 Q1