The head of the Wikipedia group of Institute of Geography participated in the summer camp 2017-08-18 12:11:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

August 12-13, the employee of the Institute of Geography and head of the group of compilers of Wikipedia, Aida Aslanova, took part in the Wikipedia summer camp in the Ilisu village of Gakh region, organized by the Public Unit of Volunteers of Azerbaijan Wikimedia with the support of the Wikimedia Foundation. The main purpose of the event is to attract new users, exchange experiences, update the mass character of Wikipedia, enrich its content by creating articles in the Azerbaijani language and increase the number of articles in foreign languages in order to bring the truth about our country to the world community.

Up to 130 applications were submitted to participate in the camp, and only 30 participants were selected among them.

Presentations took place on various topics related to the use in Wikipedia of various gadjets, their use, methodology of creating templates and effective activities in this field. Participants received information about projects implemented in the world Wikipedia, wrote articles, placed photos, etc.

Hundreds of photos were taken during the camp and placed in WikiBarn. They will be used later in the articles and serve as reference material for people interested in our country.

During the two-day stay in the camp, the participants got acquainted with cultural monuments of Ilisu: Sumuk gala, V century temple in Gum village, church of St. George in Gakhingiloy village, waterfull in Ilisu, Hamamcay River, etc. 

All the material coasts of staying in Wiki camp for 30 new and professional users were took over the Organizing Committee.