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February 5, at the Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS was held the training on the theme: “Web-site development and management in research institutions and enterprises of ANAS”.

The workshop was attended by responsible persons for the websites of scientific departments, organizations and enterprises of ANAS, including Khanim Rzazade, responsible employee for Public relation of the Institute.

The aim of the event is to organize the work sites at a high level, developing them, to discuss existing problems in this field and their solution, as well as increasing their activity.

Chairman of the meeting, the academician-secretary of ANAS, director of the Institute of Information Technologies, academician Rasim Aliguliyev spoke about the high level of organization of websites, ensuring the public’s right to information and the importance of websites to provide the necessary scientific information.

In order that websites meet the relevant standards, he drew attention to the importance of building of correct and clear structures, software based on innovative technologies.

In addition to the issues about the organization and management of websites, their security issues were discussed, the stages of development of Web technologies and their prospects, information security, web analytics and others.

It was also decided to hold annual monitoring websites for scientific organizations and enterprises.


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