The training of civil defenses forces 2015-05-26 21:23:00 / EVENTS

On May 25, in the Institute of Geography was held the training session of the Civil defense forces for “gathering”.

The aim of the training in case of emergency and “camp” warning signal was to control the rules of conduct  and enhance the experience of the staff. First, the participants commemorated those who died in the fire in the multi-storey building in Binagadi district. 

The Civil Defense Chief of Staff Namazali Mustafayev informed with the action plan approved by the Direcor of the Institute of Geography, academician Ramiz Mammadov.

According to the plan, the chief of staff talked about measures to eliminate consequences of natural disasters, of possible accidents, about rescue operations and other urgent implementation of measures to be considered seriously.

N.Mustafayev gave detailed answers to the questions of participants. Emergency situations, as well as training in a“camp” was shown in a video.

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