Mission to Athens 2014-11-10 22:38:00 / EVENTS

Director of the Institute of Geography of ANAS, R.M.Mammadov and leading researcher PhD in geography R.N.Kerimov took part in the thematic meeting on climate change in Athens on November 6-7. The meeting was organized within the project IncoNetEaP, funded by the EU and provides for bilateral political dialogue between the EU FP7 and the Eastern Partnership (EaP). The Forum was attended by 18 scientists elected from Germany, Belguim, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. During the event has been an identified future priority activities on climate change for the regions of Western and Eastern Europe, which was presented for inclusion in the draft N2020.

The Forum was built on the exchange of thoughts and ideas and has been actively discussed. Academician Ramiz Mammadov spoke on “Interdisciplinary analysis of the impact of climate change on ecosystems of the coastal zone of the Caspian and Black Seas”. And Rovshan Kerimov spoke on “Green production based on the reduction of hydrocarbon waste and smart technology”. These reports are included in the list of proposals to be sent to the project N2020.