Meeting on impacts of climate changes 2014-07-25 21:43:00 / EVENTS

With the financial support of the European Union was carried out a meeting between the Azerbaijan and Georgia within the Project “Biodiversity Conservation and adaptation to Climate change in the South-Caucasus in order to strengthen local extension capacity and regional cooperation”.

The meeting on Climate change adaptation, which took place in Baku, was dedicated to the development of Transboundary action Plan.

In his opening speech the chairman of the Executive Committee, Director of the Institute of Geography of ANAS, academician Ramiz Mammadov talked about the importance of the project. He noted that the preparation and realization with high quality of action plan under discussion is very important for biodiversity conservation and agriculture development.

I.Mustafayev, National coordinator, corresponding member of ANAS, head of the laboratory of the Institute of Radiation Problems speaking about project works added the impact of climate change on the border area of Azerbaijan-Georgia and stressed the need for joint action.

The Georgian expert T. Bagratia brought the initial version of the Action Plan to the attention of participants. In result of bilateral discussions was put forward valuable recommendations to improve the plan.

It was decided to submit the Action plan to relevant organizations of the both countries in September of this year.

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