Why the lake Urmiya dries out 2014-02-10 16:54:00 / EVENTS

The conference concerning the physical state of Lake Urmiya was leaded with participation of intellectuals, experts, representatives of public organization and leaderships of political Parties.

The experts on Lake Urmiya from many countries were in connection with the conference on Skipe. The participants of forum discussed the ways of solution to eliminate the problem of the Lake. The exchange of views took place. Professor Ramiz Mammadov sees the main cause of drying out in anthropogenic factor, human factor. “The decrease of water level is due to the quantity of river water, rains, which fall in the Lake, the augmentation of evaporation. The use from wells of river water for agriculture results in decreasing of the level of Lake.

According to Ramiz Mammadov, to reduce the human factor and save the Lake is necessary to make the program and act accordingly it. For example, to change the rural household’s activities on surrounding areas, to select the type of activity, requiring less water as cotton growing. It is necessary to apply new technologies and preventive measures.

“However, there is a question to conduct water from Caspian Sea and river Araz. But, there are serious relief difficulties to bring Araz water to Urmiya. The sufficiency of Araz water is not known. At the same time, people living in Ardabil of Iran are dissatisfied with the conduct of Araz water to Urmiya. To change the direction of water of border rivers need the consent of the countries along this river. It may be possible to bring water from the Caspian Sea if finances allow. Ultimately, it will not affect the Caspian Sea”, noted the expert.