23 September 2023, Saturday
A meeting of the Women's Council was held 2023-02-20 10:50:00 / EVENTS

The event dedicated to the International Day "Women and Girls in Science" was organized by the Women's Council of the Institute of Geography named after Academician H. Aliyev of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The event was also attended by representatives of the Women's Councils of ANAS.

Luiza Salaeva, Chairwoman of the Institute's Women's Council, opened the meeting with an introductory speech and spoke about the active position of Azerbaijani women in society, their contribution to society, as well as to the development of science. She talked about the personnel potential of the Institute of Geography over the past five years and noted that the number of female researchers is relatively small compared to previous years. The decrease in women's interest in science is associated with the weight of the burden that lies on them, with a greater sense of responsibility that they bear.

   Member of the office of the Women's Council of the IG, D.Sc in geography Stara Tarikhazar made a report on the research of women scientists of the Institute and spoke about their role in the development of geographical science, their contribution to science, achievements, etc. Then the head of the Department of Medical geography of the institute, Ph.D. Solmaz Rzayeva made a presentation on the topic "Solutions to problems affecting the prospective development of women at the Institute of Geography." The speaker noted that the newly created department, which she leads, consists almost exclusively of young women, and they have to overcome any difficulties in order to achieve success in science, and in order to overcome these difficulties, they must learn to fight as a female researcher.

Then, Luiza Salaeva informed the participants of the event that she wanted to stop working as the chairman of the women's council of the institute for health reasons, and nominated Solmaz Rzayeva for this position.

Chairman of the Trade Union organization of the institute, Ph.D Habil Hagverdiev, Leading Researcher, D.Sc. Sevil Guliyeva, heads of departments Khanim Rzazade and Solmaz Rzayeva spoke, who noted that Louisa Salaeva devoted more than 50 years of her life to the Institute of Geography, and during her work won the love and respect of the staff with her hard work, kindness, and responsibility for the work.

As a result of the vote, Solmaz Rzayeva was unanimously elected as the Chairwoman of the Women's Council of the Institute of Geography.


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