Geographers took part in the seminar "Air Quality" 2022-12-13 17:47:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

December 8 Department of Ecogeography of the Institute of Geography Ph.D. in agriculture science Anvar Aliev, researcher Firuza Agayeva, junior researcher Shahla Ismayilova and the leading researcher of the department Rovshan Kerimov took part in the seminar "Air Quality" held in Azerbaijan under the leadership of the British non-governmental organization GAHP (Global Alliance On Health and Pollution).

The event, organized at Khazar University, was attended by representatives of relevant state and non-governmental organizations, business structures, research institutes, donor organizations and financial institutions. The workshop included an exchange of information on air pollution, its sources and various mitigation strategies.

The head of the department, A. Aliyev, made a speech and recalled the special decree of the President of the Republic on this occasion. He indicated that the Institute was the only organization conducting research in this area, was aware of the nature and importance of the research being carried out, and drew attention to some of the difficulties in this area.

  The participants of the seminar expressed their positive opinion about the research conducted at the department and noted the importance of establishing joint cooperation in this area in the future.