September 27 - Memorial Day was celebrated at the Institute of Geography 2022-09-27 17:49:00 / EVENTS

On the occasion of September 27 - Memorial Day, an event was held at the Institute of Geography named after academician G.A.Aliyev.
First, we honored the memory of our immortal martyrs with a minute of silence. Zakir Eminov, General Director of the Institute, Doctor of Geography, noted September 27 as the beginning of a 44-day glorious Patriotic War that brought glory to our people and freedom to our lands. Z. Eminov, looking through the battle pages of our history, said that this war shows what the Azerbaijani people are capable of, that, despite the fact that almost 30 years have passed, they have not come to terms with the fact that their land remains under foreign domination. "showed the whole world the political and military strength, the indestructible unity and love of the Motherland.
Speaking at the event, the chairman of the Trade Union Organization of the Institute, Habil Hagverdiyev, and the leading researcher, an employee of the department of international and public relations, Etibar Badalov, stated that the insidious policy of the Armenian fascists, who have been eyeing the lands of Azerbaijan throughout history, did not take place in the end, they talked about the victory of the Azerbaijani people.
An employee of the Department of International and Public Relations Aida Aslanova spoke about her attitude and relations with the families of martyrs and our veterans, who are regularly visited by a group of employees of the institute.
After the event, a group of employees of the institute went to the II Alley of Martyrs and honored the unforgettable memory of our martyrs with respect and reverence. The visitors, who met the mother of Major General Polad Khashimov and Colonel Ilgar Mirzoev, as well as other parents of martyrs at the cemetery, expressed their deep respect and gratitude to them, laid bouquets of flowers on the graves of martyrs, and prayed for their souls.