Book of geographers on ecosystem services published in Azerbaijan 2022-09-16 18:35:00 / NEW PUBLICATIONS

The prestigious Swiss publishing house Springer published a book titled "Ecosystem Services in Azerbaijan: Value and Loss" by the staff of the Institute of Geography named after A. Academician H.A. Aliyev – P.h.D. on geography - Rovshan Kerimov, Natavan Jafarova and Rovshan Abbasov (head of the department of Khazar University).
The purpose of the authors when writing the book is to draw the attention of readers to the depletion of Azerbaijan's natural resources. It is reported that some of the values that once existed have been lost over the past 200 years as a result of neglect of nature. The authors distinguish between "profit" and "income" and show readers that short-term benefits based only on monetary income deprive people and nature itself of long-term, sustainable value. The book provides readers with real historical information, touches on the issues of interaction between man and nature, shows the consequences of anthropogenic activities on the natural resources of Azerbaijan with real data and trends. Research covers aquatic, fisheries, forest, mountain and rangeland ecosystems, focuses on the effects of pollution and other forms of environmental degradation on these resources, and shows the effects of resource depletion on human existence.
The book, which consists of four chapters, details the Caspian Sea, its values, the factors that change these values, analyzes the mountain ecosystems of Azerbaijan, land degradation due to climate change, water shortages, the consequences of extreme natural disasters, analyzes the country's water resources, shortage water, efficient use of water, irrigation infrastructure, mass environmental migration phenomena, the relationship of man with nature, etc. are discussed.
The book is mainly intended for managers, politicians, students and scientists. It will also be of interest to naturalists, historians and cultural figures.