The Institute of Geography held the meeting in occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the January 20 tragedy 2022-01-19 16:09:00 / EVENTS

The staff of the Institute of Geography named after Academician H.A. Aliyev of ANAS held a meeting on the 32nd anniversary of the January 20 tragedy.

First, a minute of silence honored the memory of our martyrs who died for the inviolability of our lands.

General Director of the Institute, Doctor of Science Zakir Eminov assessed this day of mourning, which has become a black stain in the history of Azerbaijan, not only as a tragedy, but also as a manifestation of heroism, inflexibility and intolerance to violence. He said that the invasion of Russian troops in Azerbaijan did not frighten people and did not make them change their beliefs. Although our people lost many of their citizens in those days, the unshakable will of our brave sons and daughters was not broken. Martyrs of January 20, like other martyrs, occupy a special place and role in the history of Azerbaijan. The Alley of Martyrs, where they rest, is visited by high-ranking officials visiting our country.

Thanks to the heroic example of our martyrs, the courage of our soldiers who grew up on love for the Motherland, strength, skill, foresight, determination, thoughtful policy and military tactics of our President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, our lands were liberated from occupation.

Chairman of the trade union committee, Ph.D. Habil Haqverdiev spoke about the causes, nature and consequences of the events of 20 January. Then the senior researcher of the department of the history of geographical thought, Ph.D. Natig Babayev said that he personally witnessed those terrible days when he worked on Azerbaijani television, on January 19 at 19:26 the power unit of the State Television was blown up. The goal was to leave people in the dark.

The event ended with a video film prepared by the Department of International and Public Relations, dedicated to the memory of those bloody days.