IG scientist analyzed geo-political processes during the First and Second Patriotic Wars 2021-10-22 12:49:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Senior Researcher of the Department of Demography and Geography of Population Ph.D. Etibar Badalov, took part in the international scientific-practical conference "Causes of the beginning, consequences and historical significance of the Patriotic War."

The scientist made a report on the topic "Geopolitical and ethno-demographic processes in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which marked the beginning of the First and Second Patriotic Wars" at an event organized by the Military Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan, with the participation of the National Defense Universities of Turkey and Ukraine. In his report, the scientist analyzed the main reasons for the defeat in the First World War and the capture of Shusha.

He spoke about the political and geographical features of the country, about the successful policy of the President in solving its ethno-demographic problem, since the victory in the 44-day war, wich is associated with the name of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev