Geographer interviewed about global warming 2021-09-23 17:24:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Cebhə.info website interviewed the head of the department of landscape research and landscape planning of the Institute of Geography named after academician G.A. Aliyev, associate professor Mirnukh Ismayilov to find out the causes of global warming and ways to solve the problem.

Stating that in recent years there has been an accelerated climate change, the scientist said that the way out for the leading countries of the world is to declare “war” on global warming and take effective measures. He said greenhouse gas emissions must be cut by about 80 percent to protect against a potential global warming catastrophe. Excessive taxes on farms that damage the environment and emit more carbon into the atmosphere can be seen as a sensible measure.

The scientist noted that excessive emissions of carbon into the atmosphere worsen the thermal balance of the Earth, and lead to climatic complications, natural and man-made disasters. According to research carried out by the institute, the area of glaciers in Azerbaijan in the 1960s was 6.5 square kilometers in the Greater Caucasus, and now it is 1.28 square kilometers. This is a tangible change, more than 4 times. As global warming progresses,

precipitation patterns will change dramatically. Some parts of the earth's surface will be wet, others will be subject to severe drought.