A regular meeting of the Academic Council took place. 2021-04-07 13:44:00 / SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLIES

A regular meeting of the Academic Council chaired by academician Ramiz Mammadov was held via Skype at the Institute of Geography named after acad. H.Aliyev of ANAS.

At the event, the topics of scientific works of newly accepted dissertators and doctoral students were discussed. Themes "Opportunities for doctoral students to use the potential of cultural heritage in the development of sustainable tourism in the liberated territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan", "Ways to restore and organize living conditions in the liberated territories", "Study of the spatial and temporal characteristics of evaporation from the surface of the Caspian Sea."

"The main directions of modern geographical research in Azerbaijan", "The influence of geographical conditions on the health of the population in the occurrence and spread of diseases characteristic of the Ganja-Gazakh economic region", "Territorial organization and prospects for the development of animal husbandry in the Lankaran-Astara economic-geographical region. The Academic Council approved the topics of dissertations "Transformation of geosystems of the Djeyranchol lowland and the main directions of landscape-ecological planning".

Then, at the meeting, the preparation process of the book "Geography of Karabakh", comments on the monographs being prepared for publication and other similar issues were discussed