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Professor Dr. Ramiz Mammadov and Professor Dr. Aliakbar Rasouli

Practical Satellite Image Processing is the first reference educational book that covers all classical image processing stages in Azerbaijan. The book explains the principles behind the processing of remotely sensed data in a simple, easy to understand, and "how-to" practice. Organized as a step-by-step guide with exercises adapted from original research and using publicly available imagery, such as NASA Landsat, ESA Sentinel-2, ALOS-Palsar, and others, this book gives
students the ability to quickly gain the practical experience needed to navigate the ERDAS IMAGINE software. It also helps readers to easily move beyond the information presented in this book and tackle more advanced skills.

Recently, remotely sensed data, in the form of digital images captured from spaceborne and airborne platforms, provide a rich analytical and observational source of information about the current status, as well as changes occurring in, on, and around the Azerbaijan territories. The data products, or images processed from these platforms, provide an additional advantage in those geographic areas or regions of interest can be revisited on a regular cycle. This revisit cycle allows
geospatial analysts and natural resource managers to explore changing conditions overtime.

Written by two professors with long experience in geography, hydro-climate, remote sensing, image processing, and GIS this book is a useful guide and reference for both undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, instructors, managers, and agency professionals who are involved in the study of Earth systems and the geo-environment issues. At the end of each chapter, sets of "Informative Practices" provide a few Tips, Workouts, Quizzes, and Allied References to aid learning and allowing students to exercise the text as instructional material. Due to the cross-disciplinary nature of the authors' experience and the content covered, this is a ust-have fast training program for all practitioners and students requiring an introduction to the field of satellite image processing, addressing the most geo-environmental problems of Azerbaijan.

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