IG scientist spoke about precious stones in a live transmission 2021-02-01 10:25:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

The ATV guest was a leading researcher at the Institute of Geography named after acad. G.A. Alieva of ANAS, Doctor of Philosophy in Geology-Mineralogy Rashid Fataliev.

Using the example of precious stones from his personal collection in a direct morning program, the scientist talked about the type, composition, role, meaning, value of stones in nature, giving interesting information. For example, speaking about living stones such as pearls, corals, pearls, R. Fataliev noted that pearls weighing 27 kg and worth 90 million were found in the Philippines.

When asked how dangerous an asteroid approaching Earth is, the expert replied that the probability of an asteroid falling to Earth is very small. It can threaten the Earth, and it can happen every million years. He also spoke about the fall of meteorites on the territory of Azerbaijan.

In conclusion, an employee of the institute gave detailed information about the stones corresponding to the months of birth of people, based on the images.

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