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A new monograph has been published by the staff of department of Landscape and landscape planning of the Institute of Geography of ANAS.

 The monograph entitled “Eco-geochemical features of the landscape of the southern slope of the Major Caucasus, whose authors are PhD in geography Galib Rustamov and researcher Almaz Rustamova, was published under the editorship of corresponding member of ANAS professor Elbrus Alizade. 

The book is devoted to the study of ecological and geochemical features of nival-subnival, mountain meadow, mountain-foothill, plain landscapes, as well as natural and man-made geochemical landscape systems of the southern slope of the Major Caucasus.

The work examines the impact on living organisms, including on human health, of geochemical conditions in the mountainous geosystems.

Are explained in detail the characteristics of eco-geochemical zoning of study areas and selected eco-geochemical landscape areas. Based on the first compiled map “Eco-geochemical zoning of the landscapes of the southern slope of the Major Caucasus” have been studied the distribution and concentration properties of macro- and microelements in mountain ecosystems of the study area.

The monograph of PhD Saida Zeynalova, “Landscape indication of arid mountain geosystems”, published in Russian, is devoted to the method of landscape-indicator decryption of satellite images and the study and use of materials decryption of satellite images of arid geosystems using the example of southern slope of South-Eastern Caucasus. 

İn the monograph general problems and methods of landscape-indicated deciphering have been shared to show it specificity and content which can present definite interest for further  development of more suitable deciphering method. We have also affected primary problems connected with obtaining of characteristics details of landscape  components according to the materials of average scale black-white and colored space photos.  On the basis of interpretation of landscape indicated decipherring of space photos, some methodological problems of landscape mapping have been considered.

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