Southeast Shirvan Plain is being explored 2020-10-09 17:16:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

A group of employees of the department "Geography of Azerbaijan Land Resources" of the Institute of Geography under the direction of the head of the department PhD Ismayil Guliyev visited the Southeastern Shirvan plain and the mouth of the Kura River with a scientific expedition from September 29 to October 8. 

The main goal was to assess soil changes in the most extreme geographic region of the republic against the background of global warming over the past half century, as well as to determine the results of monitoring and the scientific direction of future research. Samples of plants and soil were taken from the territory; the places of observation, as well as routes were indicated using a GPS navigator.

The preliminary results will be clarified by specialists after carrying out the physicochemical and agrochemical analysis of soil samples, and practical proposals and recommendations will be prepared.