Press staff of ANAS is awarded with a Certificate of Honor 2020-08-05 13:21:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

First Vice-President of ANAS, acad. Ibrahim Guliyev met with the heads of the public relation departments of the institutes that are part of the Department of Earth Sciences, on the occasion of the celebration of the 145th anniversary of the National Press Day on July 22.

The event was attended by the first vice-president of ANAS, acad. Ibrahim Guliyev, acting director of the Institute of Oil and Gas, acad. Fakhraddin Gadirov and head of the department for public relations, press and information of the presidium, PhD in philology Agahuseyn Shukurov and others.

In his speech acad.I.Guliyev spoke about the invaluable role of Azerbaijani journalism, wich has a glorious 145-year history in the formation of our national press. He praised the work of journalists working at the National Academy of Sciences to popularize science, noting the great role of the press in education the people.

Acad. I.Guliyev thanked Shirmammad Nazarli, head of the Public Relation Department of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Khanim Rzazade, head of the PR of the IG, Vusala Rafiggizi, head of PRD of the Republican Seismological Service and Kenul Abbasova, the head of PRD of the Institute of Oil and Gaz and presented them with the Certificate of Honor of the Department of Earth Science of ANAS.