An article by a scientist published in a prestigious international journal 2020-05-12 12:52:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Scientific article of the correspondent member of ANAS, head of the Caspian Sea Monitoring department at the Institute of Geography, doctor of physics and mathematics, Rauf Gardashov, co-authored in the 5-years impact factor journal 11.29, category Q1, is titled “Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews”.

The article is devoted to research conducted in support of the “State program on the use of renewable energy sources in the Azerbaijan republic”, as well as research in the field of optimal use of solar energy.

The author notes the possibility of significant increase (up to 10%) of the generated electricity by choosing the optimal direction of the solar panel in mountainous regions with complex topography.

The results of the study can be applied to tourist and recreational facilities located in mountainous areas, as well as in private homes.