Scientists called an unusual way to deal with global warming 2020-03-23 22:29:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Global warming can be slowed down by aerosol geoengineering of the stratosphere by spraying sulfur dioxide in it. According to the calculations of researchers from University College London, as a result, it will be possible to reduce climate hazards without worsening the situation in any region. This article was published in Environmental Research Letters.

Scientists have created a realistic model that calculated a complex simulation of the geoengineering of a stratospheric aerosol. By allowing researchers to understand whether this approach will offset or worsen the effects of climate change around the world. The model also produced various options, based on different temperature scenarios.

Calculations showed that if warming is fully compensated, up to 9% of the land may suffer from the aggravation of the effects of climate change. Whereas if you compensate only half with aerosols in the stratosphere, this can mitigate climate threats in almost all regions. And the negative effects of climate change will affect only 1.3% of land.

The authors note that this approach will not solve the main problem posed by greenhouse gas emissions: it can be considered as part of an integrated approach. Emission reduction is a key challenge in addressing climate change.