Closing of the project of the preparation for the Olympiad 2020-02-24 15:48:00 / EVENTS

At the Institute of Geography, the project “Preparing students-geographers for the International Geographical Olympiad (iGeo), winner of the 3rd Grant Competition on Education and Innovation in Education, supported by the  Azerbaijan Geographical Society was closed. 

The event was attended by geographers, teachers and heads of educational institution. The president of the AGS and director of IG, academician Ramiz Mammadov, spoke about geographical knowledge, the teaching of geography. He noted that the Azerbaijan Geographical Society supports the trainings of students for the Olympiad.

Project Manager Yashar Seydaliyev informed about the International Geographical Olympiad (IGeo), saying that it has been operating within the framework of the IGU since 1996. This year, the 17th GO will be held in Istanbul, Turkey.