Geomorphologist conducted research in Siyazan-Khizi district 2019-11-05 17:31:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Leading researcher of paleogeography department of the Institute of Geography of ANAS, PhD Rashid Fataliyev, together with an employee of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics A. Samedov conducted field studies in the areas of Siyazan and Khizi.

Samples were taken for laboratory research in order to study the geological, geomorphological and paleogeographic features of multi-colored clay layers along the southeastern slope of the Verefte ridge, as well as rocks of natural geological monuments from the northeastern peaks of greater Caucasus and the place of pilgrimage of Khizir-Zinda, on the mount Beshbarmag.

The geo-touristic possibilities of the territory and the general stratigraphic position were investigated.