A new book about water balance 2019-07-04 11:49:00 / NEW PUBLICATIONS

A monograph of a leading researcher at the Institute of Geography, PhD Movlud Teymurov, entitled “Assessment of the water balance and the wetting conditions using new methods”. The book was published by the decision of the Scientific council and under the scientific editorship of Academician Ramiz Mammadov. Taking the soil-water ratio as a single mechanism, he made an assessment by including completely different components in the water balance.

The basic concept of the new method is that without observational data and time and place restrictions, it became possible to quickly and accurately perform calculations based on satellite images.

For the first time in the republic, the author was able to apply advanced scientific experience and enrich it with new functions, taking into account local characteristics.

Along with the theoretical study of water balance, comments are also given in practical terms, examples of calculations for each area of research are given.

The book also includes suggestions for calculating the amount of underground river nutrition, the exact amount of precipitation that can cause flows, the content of the water in the soil, the calculation of the norm of watering plants.