The employee of IG visited the island Khara-Zira 2019-05-25 15:48:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Emil Jabrayilov, researcher at the Institute of Geography,  visited the island if Khara Zira from 22 to 25 may. Representatives of other institutes of ANAS and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources participated in the expedition organized by the Institute of Zoology. The purpose of the expedition was a comprehensive study of the Baku and Absheron archipelagoes.

E.Jabrayilov studied the end points of the island Khara Zira, the coastline, the relief forms created by the waves, the morphometric and climatic indicators of the area, the elements of a mud volcano.

Our representative studied the possibilities of land development and found that on the coast and in the nearest water area it is necessary to carry out cleaning work to eliminate the observed anthropogenic disturbances.