A group of employee of the IG, took part in conference 2019-05-14 06:26:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

A group of employee of the Institute of Geography, headed by the Director of the Institute, Academician Ramiz Mammadov, took part in conference held at the Western Caspian University on the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the national leader Heydar Aliyev on the theme: “Mountains, cultures, landscapes and biodiversity”.

Academician Ramiz Mammadov, Ds. Sc. on geography Elena Taghiyeva and Nariman Pashayev, PhDs Nizami Eyyubov, Rovshan Kerimov, Etibar Badalov, Zaur Imrani, Galib Rustamov, PhDs on ag. s. Anvar Aliyev and Gulsara Imanova made presentations on various topics: Mountains landscapes”, “Mountain culture”, and “Mountain ecosystems, ecologic and biologic biodiversity”, “Mountain tourism and recreation”.