December 11-International Mountains Day 2018-12-07 11:04:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

December 11 is celebrated worldwide as the “Mountains Day” every year. Mountains are an integral part of the nature of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan can be characterized as a mountainous country along with wide, smooth intermountain plains and the magnificent Great Caucasus, which surrounds it from the north, the Lesser Caucasus from the west and from the south with the Talysh Mountains with extraordinary flora.

Without mountains it is impossible to imagine the natural system of Azerbaijan and the world as a whole. It is a source of pride of mankind. Even in the Quran there are poems: “We created mountains so that the earth would not disturb you”.

Each mountain system of Azerbaijan - the Greater Caucasus. The Lesser Caucasus, Talysh and Zangezur-Daralayaz- has unique natural systems. The mountains feed our rivers with waters, which in the winter season are preserved on mountain tops. Due to the mountains in Azerbaijan there are 9 of 11 climatic zones.

The mountains have left a deep imprint on people’s lives, their way of life, traditions, culture, and psychology.

Mountains are also a haven for people, an important factor in determining national boundaries.

Currently, in our mountains there are environmental, socio-economic and political problems. Mountains do not forgive unprofessional, rash approach. They are cruelly avenging such an attitude: the Qarabagh Mountains, the plains of Kelbajar, which miss the sound of the saz.