Unity of science and education 2017-02-15 12:15:00 / EVENTS

   In order to implement the program of the Ministry of Education “From science to education”, one of the events was held at the Institute of Geography named academician H.A.Aliyev of ANAS to increase the interest of young people in geography. It was a meeting of researchers with students in educational institutions. For this purpose, Etibar Badalov, senior researcher of the Department of Demography and population, visited the school number 232 in Bulbula settlement of Sabunchu district.

  The researcher made a presentation with various maps on the theme “My Absheron”. He gave extensive information about directions of geographical science, research areas, economic geography of the Absheron Peninsula, the population of cities and villages, etc., and presented the settlement of Bulbula in geographical aspect.

   He also acquainted the schoolchildren with research field in the direction of human geography in Azerbaijan, whose specialist he is: demography and population, tourism, medical geography.

   Teachers and pupils of the school were very satisfied with the meeting and noted that the regular meetings will help in choosing a specialty for school graduates.

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