Workshops on international projects on the Caspian Sea 2018-09-17 16:57:00 / CONFERENCES

September 13-18, in the hotel “Holiday Inn” a general meeting and workshops of the International working group (IWG SDCSR) were held on the sustainable development of the Caspian region in order to implement international projects on the Caspian region.

  This event was a continuation of the international Conference held in Baku on May 12-14 on the topic: “Problems of inland water basins: a thematic study of the Caspian Sea basin”.

   More than 50 scientists and specialists from Australia, USA,Turkey, Germany, Chile, Iran,Italy,Russia,Kazakhstan, Korea, France, Switzerland and other countries took part in international seminars on the theme : “Assessment of Ecological and Anthropogenic Security for Sustainable Development of the Caspian Sea Region”.

   On the first day of the event, a practice course for students and young researchers was held: “Presentation of satellite technology for the monitoring of water cycle”.

     The workshops were organized to explore ways to solve problems, to promote decisions at the regional level and to expand international scientific cooperation in this direction.

    Numerous scientific reports were discussed within five days, round tables and discussions were organized.

    On the day of closing, academician Ramiz Mammadov made an extensive report. Thanking all participants, he expressed confidence that this event will give a positive result.