Report to the Scientific workshop on the activities of the municipalities 2018-06-07 15:39:00 / SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLIES

Khanym Osmanova made a report to the Scientific workshop on the theme “Directions for the development of municipalities and the transformation of the territorial organization in the Absheron Economic Geographic region.  

In her research work she identified the effectiveness of the territorial organization, carried out the geographical zoning of municipalities, forecasted the number of people with unemployed status to solve social problems in the future, and analyzed the dependence of budget revenues on the resource potential of municipalities.  

Researcher Kh. Osmanova came to the conclusion that since the overwhelming majority of powers in the legislation are not provided to municipalities, the municipal distribution system in Azerbaijan is weak in solving economic and social problems on the ground and, according to the existing legislation; they don’t have financial resources to solve problems.

She believes that it is necessary to combine municipalities with a small territory and a small number of people and give them a portion of taxes from large economic facilities.  

Kh. Osmanova also calculated the population in 2020 and 2025, using the extrapolation method, and determined the population size and the number of unemployed in the Absheron economic region (excluding Baku). She considers it necessary to study the situation on the ground to solve the problem of employment and jobs.

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