Heads of departments reported on the forthcoming work 2018-03-30 15:01:00 / SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLIES

The meeting was held in the Institute of Geography on prolongation of the contracts with some heads of departments.

Director of the Institute, acad. R.Mammadov, turned to them with a question as to what they imagine the work of the department the next 5 years.

They noted the research work, specifying the methods of their conduct, fieldwork, mapping, the use of the potential of scientists and other issues.

At the same time, it was stressed that one of the priority issues is the creation of an information base for geography, as well as the integration of the results of long-term fundamental research into the bank system. In the future, their use is envisaged for correct prediction, creation of digital maps, and completion of electronic library.

The development of politic geography, definition of the dynamics of development in the territorial organization of production, the development of weather forecasting, application of climatology, renewal of agroclimatic zoning, medical and geographical interpretation of climate change, assessment of landscapes by territorial units, the continuation of landscape planning in cities, the demographic development of the rural population.

Ramiz Mammadov recommended using new methods of scientific research, scientifically justify assessments, carry out a comparative analysis of scientific results, expand joint international cooperation and give priority to socio-economic research. The academician also spoke about the issues of publishing scientific articles in relevant publications, considering it necessary to inform the media about their results, and wished the staff success in their work.