A report on the movement of electric vehicles on solar batteries 2018-03-14 15:24:00 / SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLIES

Doctor of phys.-math. Sciences made a report “Simulation and visualization of traffic on the roads of electric vehicles on solar panels” at the Scientific workshop of IG of ANAS, under the chairmanship of acad. Ramiz Mammadov, the corresponding member of ANAS.

The scientist, who developed a mathematical model for simulating and visualizing of the traffic on vehicles running on solar energy, noted that it consists of a combination of two models. According to him, first model is for calculating of solar energy, falling on the panel of the vehicle at anytime and anywhere on the road. The second is the mathematical model of the motion of electric vehicles. The movement of the vehicle is modeled taking into account the influence of all the forces acting on it: energy, falling on the panel, trajectory of the road (traction, gravity, reaction and resistance). Along the chosen roads (Baku-Shemakha, Zakatala-Tbilisi and Hamburg-Berlin), a simulating and visualizing of the SunRiser solar vehicle motion was performed.

Rauf Gardashov drew attention to the fact that he could create the basis of the navigation system of an electric vehicle on solar energy.

In his opinion, the optimal use of this type of energy will help solve a number of problems, such as: 1) timing of the start of the movement 2) the optimum speed needed to stop in transit 3) time of arrival to the mountain passes (large amount of solar energy or a full battery 4) use of battery and selection of time it takes to fill it.