World Civil Defense Day was celebrated 2018-03-01 16:00:00 / EVENTS

World Civil Defense Day was celebrated in the IG.

Doc. Maharram Hasanov, deputy director for sciences, chairman of the Commission for Emergency Situations of the Institute, noted that this day is celebrated all over the world as a humanitarian day by decision of the World Civil Defense Organization.

He informed, that Azerbaijan joined the organization in 1993.

Every year, the World Civil Defense Day is dedicated to a specific problem. This year’s theme was: “Effective management of Civil Defense and state structures by Emergency Situations”. The chief of staff of the CD, Namazali Mustafayev,  spoke about the large-scale works related to the CD in Azerbaijan. He drew attention to the fact that the creation of the ministry of Emergency Situations was a significant event. Its primari task is to protect the population during emergencies and ensure the readiness of the civil population itself in this area.

At the end of the meeting, the Chief of staff answered the questions of those present.