Cartographic landscape metrics and its development at the intersection of different sciences (in the analytic aspect) 2018-01-10 09:19:00 / SCIENTIFIC ASSEMBLIES

The work is devoted to morphometry of landscapes or landscape metrics (this name was used in the 70’s).

The author proposes to distinguish cartographic in the composition of this relatively new direction, the formation of which occurred in the second half of the last century at the junction of different sciences, justifies its isolation, and also defines the subject and purpose of this interdisciplinary direction.

He notes that the development of landscape mapping has become a necessery base for the formation of cartographic landscape morphometry; the main stages of the development of landscape mapping and features of edited landscape maps in Azerbaijan are described.

In the work, a comparative analysis of individual morphometric indices is performed and the possibilities of forming a system of landscape –metric indicators are examined.

A generalized table is compiled, where methods of quantitative analysis of landscape contours were grouped on the basis of cartographic model. It had the goal of systematizing the indicators used in landscape metrology, but at the moment it does not pretend to be complete and requires further improvement.

The results of the scientific work were reflected in the maps of the landscape structure of scale 1:1500000  (4 maps were compiled). Landscape mapping and landscape morphometry based on it are developing in Azerbaijan. The accumulation of knowledge and experience continue in this area.

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