The ANAS celebrated the 110th anniversary of academician Hasan Aliyev 2017-12-26 13:45:00 / CONFERENCES

On December 26, the Republican conference on the 110th anniversary of outstanding scientist, laureate of State Prize, Honored Scientist, academician Hasan Aliyev has been held in the Round Hall of ANAS Main Building.

The participants first got acquainted with the exhibition, reflecting the scientific and scientific-organizational activity of the scientist in the foyer.

Opening the event, academician Akif Alizadeh, president of ANAS, said that said that the conference was organized under the President's decree "On holding the 110th anniversary of academician Hasan Aliyev".

Speaking about outstanding scientist Hasan Aliyev's contribution to science, education, invaluable services in the development of these spheres, the head of ANAS noted his great role in defining new directions of geography and soil science in our country. It was noticed that academician Hasan Aliyev successfully implemented complex programs and projects on protection of nature during his rich scientific activity. The works of the scientist represented at various conferences, workshops and symposiums held in a number of countries around the world have always been met with sympathy by the scientific community.

Then the director of the Institute of Geography of ANAS, academician Ramiz Mammadov made a report on the life and activity of the scientist. Speaking about the difficult but glorious lifestyle of academician Hasan Aliyev, the director of the institute noted that more than half a century of this life, which is an example for young scientists, has been dedicated to the development of geography, soil science and ecology in our country. Ramiz Mammadov noted that the prominent scientist has been closely involved in the development of the international biological program in Azerbaijan during the Soviet era.

At the event, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Huseyn Bagirovdelivered a report on "Academician H.Aliyev and nature protection in Azerbaijan". The Minister provided detailed information on the activities of the scientist in the field of natural resources research, scientifically justification of nature use and organization of its protection.

Rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, academician Urkhan Alakbarov presented a report on "Academician H. Aliyev and UNESCO MAB activity". Referring to Hasan Aliyev's innovative activity, the speaker recalled the initiative to create the National Committee for Humanity and Biosphere within the framework of UNESCO.

Other speakers at the conference shared their memories about academician Hasan Aliyev and spoke about his attitude to people, education of talented cadres for our country, contribution to the nature and science of Azerbaijan.

At the end a documentary film about the outstanding scientist has been demonstrated.

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