The events dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the academician H.A.Aliyev were held in Shemakha and Gabala 2017-11-20 14:12:00 / CONFERENCES

November 17-18, in connection with the 110th anniversary of the prominent geographer, academician H.A.Aliyev, the Institute of geography named after acad. H. Aliyev of ANAS organized meetings of employees in the Center for culture of Shemakha and the Archeological Center of Qabala with the people of districts, representatives of the department of education, teachers of rural schools.

In Shemakha, the event began with an opening speech by the head of the Executive Power of the district, Asif Agayev. In Gabala, the meeting was opened by the Deputy Head of the Executive Power of the district Ataya Osmanova. They greeted the guests and told about the great merits of the prominent scientist-geographer, academician Hasan Aliyev, in the development of various branches of geographic science and soil science, and also expressed great satisfaction in connection this this event.

Academician Ramiz Mammadov, director of the Institute of Geography named after acad. H. Aliyev of ANAS, made an extensive report “On the scientific and public activities of academician H.A.Aliyev”. He noted the invaluable merits of the scientist in protecting the environment. The academician noted in his report that the Institute of Geography named after acad. H. Aliyev of ANAS hold coferences, exhibitions, meetings, seminars in accordance with the Order of the Head of the State Ilham Aliyev on the worthy conduct of the 110th anniversary of the prominent geographer, academician H.A. Aliyev, who made a valuable contribution to the treasury of science and was a skillful organizer of science and a public figure.

PhD in geography Anvar Aliyev, head of the department of Ecogeography of the IG, spoke about human qualities as the true fair director of the IG, head of the department, scientific leader. As a researcher, he also earned a lot of respect for himself, like aksakal and a man who sincerely loves his country.

PhD in geography Ismayil Quliyev, head of department of Land resources spoke about publications, research works of a prominent scientist, calling him his teacher. Everyone had to heart a poem of I.Quliyev dedicated to Shemakha.

Leading researcher of the department of Geography of Soil, PhD Taira Salmanova, who was a graduate student of the acad. H. Aliyev, PhD Abil Akhverdiyev, chairman of the Trade Union organization of IG, also noted beautiful human qualities, his attachment to the people, country and nature.

Chairman of the Council of Aksakals of Shamakha, PhD in e. Mayil Aslanov, representative of the executive power Gumrah Musayev, representative of Gabala and former employee of IG, PhD in geography Aghasef Tairov spoke on this issue. They told about such activities of the academician H.Aliyev as preparation of staff, young scientists, his participation in the Great Patriotic War and his contribution to science.

During the event, a film was prepared by IG about H.Aliyev. Then acad. Ramiz Mammadov donated books and an atlas published by the IG, the Center for culture of Shemakha and the Archeological Center of Qabala.

After the meeting, the participants went to the Gabala State Historical and Artistic reserve, Tufandagh recreation Complex, potato and juice production plants of Gilan Holding.

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