The employee of the IG was on a business trip in Brussels 2017-11-15 16:48:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

November 8-9, leading researcher of the IG, PhD Rovshan Kerimov, participated in the event “«Societal Challenge 5 Info Day», held in Brussels in the framework of the Europeen Commission’s Research and Innovation Program “«Horizon-2020», in the direction “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials".

Representatives of the executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises of the Commission (EASME), section heads, experts, national coordinators, advisers, project managers of the Center for Research and Innovation (RTD).

Priority themes, scheduled for 2018-2019 on “Horizon-2020”, were widely discussed (SDI).

There were meetings between the parties interested in applying research in the field of innovative technologies.

At a meeting with representatives of European universities and ICT, R.Kerimov discussed a project proposal on the theme: “Assessment of natural changes and environmental risks associated with the climate of Azerbaijan mountain forest ecosystems based on the establishment of the Local Information Infrastructure”. The project interested specialists from universities in Italy and Portugal. During the meetings, it was concluded that the idea of the project could be in line with the Challenge (CLA-06-2019), entitled “International links in the Sphere of service for Climate change, biodiversity and ecosystems” and it is possible to appeal to the «Horizon-2020».

A deep approach is necessary, regular consultations and discussions with local and foreign experts in the field, creation of consortium, specific planned actions, and creation of a plan for equipping the program and technology that will ensure their implementation.

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