Employees of the Department of Landscape and Landscape Planning were on a business trip in the Greater Caucasus 2017-09-13 05:18:00 / IMPORTANT EVENTS

Employees of the Department of Landscape and Landscape Planning- leading scientific researchers, PhDs Stara Tarikhazar, Seymur Mammadov, Irina Kuchinskaya, Senior researcher Elina Kerimova and Scientific secretary Zarnura Hamidova, visited the areas of the Greater Caucasus- Sheki,Gakh,Gabala,Oguz, Shamakha and Ismailli on July 10-16, 2017 in connection with the report work (2017-2019) on the theme “Problems of the dynamics of development, zoning and processes of mudflow in Azerbaijan”.

The purpose of the trip was to study mudflow hearths in mud basins of the Rivers Kish, Shin, Kurmukh. During field works new materials were collected; the influence of mudflows on human activity has been studied in field conditions.

Currently, field research materials are being studied in conditions of cameral works.