Conference devoted to the 70th anniversary 2015-09-21 22:48:00 / CONFERENCES

17-18 September 2015 took place the International scientific and practical conference “Problems of adaptation of geo- and natural and economic systems to the modern global changes”,  dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Institute of Geography. The Conference was attended by directors and well-known scientists, geographers of the Institute of Geography of Kazakhstan and Georgia, scientists and specialist of different scientific and educational institutions of Russia and Azerbaijan, guests, representatives of relevant organizations and media.

The Academician Akif Alizade, president of ANAS, in an opening speech, have called festive the meeting of the Conference. He spoke about the rich history of geography, its contribution to world science, and scientists which headed the Institute from the first days of its creation. He praised the work of Azerbaijani scientists and geographers. At the end of his speech, the head of the ANAS congratulated collaborators of the Institute and wished success to the conference. Then the director of the Institute of Geography, academician Ramiz Mammadov made an extensive report “Institute of Geography-70”, reflecting the way passed by the Institute. He spoke about research projects conducted at the Institute of Geography to explore ways of the effective use of natural resources, the laws of their placement, on the development of natural, social, economic and geographical processes in the country.

R.Mamedov told about the study of natural resources of the biosphere, the atmosphere and the sea, their effective use and the development of a number of scientific issues in the field of the environmental protection.

The Institute conducts research of hydrometeorological processes, climate predictions, as well as in the field of landscape, geomorphology, paleogeography, neotectonics, biogeography and the Caspian Sea. During 70 years, this scientific organization have published more than 300 books, atlases, maps and more than 100 books and textbooks, some 5000 articles.    Academician R.Mammadov informed about the publication of the book “Institute of Geography for 70 years: achievements and prospects, the main directions”, reflecting the history of the scientific institution, work carried out and achievements for 70 years.

In the publication found place not only the results achieved to this day, but also scientific research work scheduled according to the strategic plan of development of the country until 2020, as well as the development of systems of natural economy, their impact on the environment, the challenges faced by the geographic science, the impact of global climate change on the climate of Azerbaijan and other important fields.

The academician also spoke about the important steps taken in recent years at the Institute of Geography in order to expand international ties. Then guests mentioned below made a speech and congratulated the staff of the İnstitute of Geography with the remarkable day and wished new achievement to all collaborators. These are: Akhmedkal Medeu, director of the Institute of Geography of Kazakhstan; Nana Bolashvili, director of the Institute of Geography of Georgia; Jana Rustam, executive director of the Corporate Foundation of the National Geographic Society of Kazakhstan; Stefano Vignudelli, director of the Institute of Biophysics of the Italian Academy of Sciences; D.Sc.on geography, prof. Bahadurhan Abdimanapov, dean of the Faculty of Geography of Kazakh University; prof. Farda Imanov, dean of the Faculty of Geography of  Baku State University; Farhad Mamedov,director of the Center for Strategic Researches; Matanat Askarova, dean of the Faculty of Geography in ASPU; D.Sc. on geography, prof. Neron Babakhanov; prof. Rza Mahmudov, D.Sc.on G., director of the Institute of Hydrometeorology; D.Sc. on G., prof. Shovgi Geychayli.

After the break, the conference continued its work for two days at the section meetings.

Wide discussions were held on various themes, reports were heard on the adaptation of subsistence to the modern environment, on the impact of global change on drinking water, on the eco-geography of the Caspian Sea, where were created socio-economic and regional problems.

During the event were shown slides, reflecting the 70-years way of formation of the Institute.

In connection with the anniversary, as part of the conference, in the department of “Geomorphology and natural risks” was organized the trip to Pirguli Astrophysical Observatory and Akhsu area, in antecedent complex depressions in landslide zone ( areas of Shamakha-Ismayilli). Prof. E.Efremov, Head of the department of Geomorphology of Kuban State University has participated in this trip.